Aphrodisiac food in famous films

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It should be borne in mind that the foods considered as aphrodisiacs are those that get people excited by their nutrients, which in most cases are linked to a vasodilatory function or in their absence are involved with some kind of hormonal process. In other words, aphrodisiac foods are used by people to promote sexual arousal. In any case, to be clear, what most tends to influence this type of food is the psychological component that comes with its consumption.

The most aphrodisiac foods

Remember that beyond the nutrients that can be mentioned nutritionally, remember that if there is not the right context for them to act as an aphrodisiac, the desired effect will never occur. Keep in mind that the psychological component is fundamental in these cases:

  • Chocolate – Cocoa seeds have theobromine and phenylalanine, two types of substances that combat fatigue, lung ventilation and blood circulation. Thanks to this combination of properties, serotonin secretion can be stimulated, which is why you can access a powerful aphrodisiac that renews sexual performance.

  • Honey – With its consumption, people will promote the use and metabolization of the female sex hormone. On the other hand, sexual desire in the blood is going to increase, which is undoubtedly positive from a sexual point of view.

  • Oysters – Thanks to the high protein and zinc content, sperm and lubrication of women will improve considerably after consumption. On the other hand, it is a food that makes the increase in energy considerable, which is why performance and sexual drive will be greater.

  • Cinnamon – It is a stimulant of the blood flow in the abdomen, which makes it much easier for both men and women to irrigate the genitals. It is key for excitement to be achieved with fewer complications and less time.

  • Strawberries – According to the observations are of great help because of their ability to stimulate the endocrine glands, as well as the nervous system.

  • Banana – As a consequence of the amount of vitamin B, potassium, magnesium and butophenin they provide, are useful for balancing neurotransmitters brain that ignite the Libyan and therefore improve mood.

  • Figs – They have a high content of beta-carotene, a substance with which the production of sex hormones is impacted and which in turn improves desire.

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