How sex is transmitted through the image

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The culture of the image imposed by propaganda has created a new psychological structure in the individual and with it a behavior and a new type of relationships that determine the way of life of society in general. In a society where the image is sacralised, the superfluous and irrelevant is also guaranteed, the image as psychological and physical is affirmed by the spectacular and is magnified with the “I”, transforming man into a fictional entity, that is, unrealistic,, by superimposing the image that has been implanted from the outside – by culture, traditions, customs and finally propaganda – on his own original image.

From this fact we can deduce that the relations with his fellows will take place in circumstances where the propaganda has been managed and dictated in such a way that they reproduce the thoughts and later wills of their creators, the assimilation of sexual propaganda by the average man will determine its adaptation to the system and will provide it with a series of aptitudes that will facilitate its development.

(B)anal sex has become normal

Therefore, the trivialization of sex in society is a consequence of propaganda for specific purposes, to determine the social and behavioral relations of its members, in order to be able to replace the free will of the individual in question. If the purpose of power is the control – increasing or decreasing – of the birth rate in a given society, propaganda as such is a double-edged sword that fulfills the designated function of the power elite.

An approximation to this control of the population on the part of the power elite can be found in the fable of Aldous Huxley “A happy world”, where sexual relations had been transformed and sublimated in such a way that they had only a specific purpose, which was playful, so as to diminish its importance and make the sexual act itself something cold, dull and vulgar.

A change of paradigm

Everyone is suffering, we are collapsing, and we have lost consciousness of our true stature. Just a few months ago we were the pride of the West, the most muscular, the most beautiful, the freshest and most luxurious. Now, the mirrors return us an image full of defects, as if everything was fake and we only see the lifts, the silicone and the bottox. In order to adequately address what is to come, we need to know how much there really was in our progress. How stable and how cyclical. Whether we’re rich on a bad streak or poor people who’ve had a good streak. What is our true position without the doping of a wild construction. We have already commented on abortion many times on the chain of hypocrisies that surrounds it.

A consciously imprecise law, the game of hide-and-seek in public hospitals, and so on. But the fact that the number of cases has doubled in ten years shows something more. Young people have lost respect for issues that deserve it. We leave behind, fortunately, the repressive times of impossible sex or blessed sex. But the stairs are being jumped recklessly and sex and its consequences have become more commonplace. Something very sad and impoverishing. Sex must be honored and given the utmost attention, because it is very important and can be very dangerous. Giving back your stripes to youth is the work of society as a whole.”

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