‘Lila dit ça’, a very sexual film

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Lila (Vahina Giocante) is a beautiful 16-year-old blonde who has just moved with her aunt, who is a little crazy, to a popular neighborhood mainly populated by Arab families. Two friends fall in love with her. One is the film’s narrator, the poetic, calm and handsome Chimo (Mohammed Khouas); the other is Mouloud (Karim Ben Haddou), the prototype of the European-born Arabic pimp.

Lila approaches Chimo and insists that she look under her skirt, like mr videos de sexo. From there a game of seduction begins while Lila shows what a young woman can say with an innocent smile. They keep their relationship secret until Mouloud surprises her by saying “filthy things” and demands her share of the cake. Lila leaves and Chimo suddenly matures, finally dares to speak.

Fascination, lust, sensuality… love

It’s happened to all of us. At some point in our lives, pro-believably close to adolescence, we have met someone in our path who, with his or her presence alone, turns our little world upside down, someone whose irresistible appeal makes us question concepts that we used to think we knew well as desire, sexual attraction and passion, someone with whom we fantasize and who makes us lose our heads to such an extent that, if at some point he or she deigns to speak to us, he or she will be able to speak to us. Chimo, a young man of Maghrebi origin who lives in a suburb of the outskirts of Marseille, which we know so well thanks to Robert Guédiguian’s filmography, has just passed by.

His world is shaken by a cyclone in the shape of a blonde of great beauty and rounded shapes, a sort of Lolita that, as she says, stands out in that neighborhood like a Ferrari in a junkyard. Lila, with her unmistakably French air, white curves and her little skirt that swings to the rhythm of her bicycle, does not seem to belong ab-solute to that second-generation Muslim world that is still governed by ancestral rules and in which there does not seem to be much vision for the future for young people more destined to delinquency than to progress beyond the narrow limits of the neighbourhood.

An incredible young woman

But Lila doesn’t seem to care about the world around her, or the chaos that her mere presence causes around her. Lila loosens for her sensual mouth procacities that would make the most liberal of mortals sound red-red, suggests a world of sexual experiences that would excite the most fertile imagination and, as a prologue to all of the above, begins by seducing in a swing from which she shows without the slightest modesty her sex to a paroled and fascinated Chimo, who does not tie-ne even the most remote.

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