Nocturna, a terrific terror festival

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During times of crisis – economic, social, global – fantasy and horror films shine. Fantastic cinema is elusive: it helps to escape from everyday terrors. It’s always been like that,”says Sergio Molina. It does so with full knowledge of the facts. On the one hand, because he has been sucking on a genre of celluloid since he was born: he is the son of actor, screenwriter and director Paul Naschy, one of the most famous werewolves in history. On the other hand, he is fond of the genre and director of Nocturna, the fantastic film festival of Madrid that this year celebrates its fifth edition (until Sunday; with more than 30 films, several round tables, master class (as one of special make-up effects) and great names in the genre.

The charm of a good terror movie

The first of these names is Chicho Ibáñez Serrador. The brilliant Spanish filmmaker is the main tribute in this edition of Nocturna, which previously paid tribute to John Landis, Vicent Price and Tobe Hoper, among others. Wednesday was one of the most emotional days of the festival”, says Molina during the tribute to Ibáñez Serrador. Among the audience there were director Don Coscarelli, creator of Phantasma, the saga of the late eighties, and actress Caroline Munro, icon of the late seventies and former Bond girl, in The Spy Who Loved Me.

“Icon is the most extraordinary word I have ever been given. I consider myself a working actress,”says Munro. Despite her humility, she was a sex symbol and the only actress to have a long-term contract with respected production company Hammer, specializing in horror movies. “I don’t quite understand the passion I arouse, but I’m sorry. It’s very nice. The fact that the public has enjoyed my work as much as they have enjoyed it so that years later they will continue to see it makes me feel very flattered,”continues the artist, who has visited Madrid several times. One of them, decades ago, to record scenes from the 1973 hit The Fantastic Journey of Sinbad.

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