The Internet killed erotic cinemas?

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The Internet seems to have given the coup de grâce to porn movies. Today there are four in Montevideo and the number of people attending is decreasing year by year. According to statistics from the Montevideo City Council, in 2014 some 13,119 people attended these sites. In 2015 it was 11,458, an average of 31 a day. “The Internet boom finished liquidating us, although we tried to renew ourselves and keep clean,”Mauricio Pintos, manager of Private, located in Convención and San José, told El País.

Biographer I and Cine Gran Ritz, both located in Cologne and Paraguay, were the ones that could not cope with the low clientele. Now, one of them shows the signs “For Rent” and “putas gratis“, and the other one is closed with bars and broken glass. Multisex 2 is still open in Paraguay and July 18; Multisex 3 in Carlos Quijano and San José; and Digital Sex in Salvador Ferrer Serra and Acevedo Díaz.

The legacy of Private

Private is one of the largest operating in downtown Montevideo. It has three rooms with capacity for 40 people and its entrance costs 200 pesos. All of them show different films and have seats similar to those found in traditional cinema. In one of them, there are seats that do not look at the screen but face each other. “It’s something more intimate, so that there can be dialogue,”he said.

It also has six private cabins in the basement, which cost 260 pesos. Each has an armchair, toilet paper, a washbasin and a 20-inch television. The client chooses a movie in the video store that has “premieres in 2017,”said Mauricio Pintos, who is in charge of the place. “Every few months we try to bring in new gay and heterosexual films. We’re trying to reinvent ourselves,”he said. After it is used, the site managers clean it up. They are perfumed and in one of them the couch has two telephone numbers written with a dialer.

Watching erotic films is arousing

The cinema – which once had a security guard at the door – also has a minibar and armchairs in the corridors. There’s a lot of darkness with some red lights on. Private’s manager said that clients cannot have sex on the premises. However,”they are likely to have it” and he said:”Obviously you can’t chase the customer. In her 17 years of experience she has also seen women prostitutes who have paid their way in to attract potential clients. According to Pintos, this caused discomfort among film visitors. “That’s why we’re trying to avoid it,”he said.

Mauricio Peña, general director of Divas TV channel, owner of three brothels and an online sex shop, told El País that these places were never a place to watch a movie. “There are a lot of girls working there and taxiboys, who offer the service and do it right there,”she said. Peña said that these facts speak of the “irregularity” of the prostitution business in Montevideo. “These venues offer the infrastructure for the couple to have sex, especially for the gay scene,” he said:”Although cinemas are legal companies, they operate as underground brothels.

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