The new adventure of Paddington

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Within all the existing forms of artistic expression, cinema, when it takes full advantage of its potential and executes its discourse as it should, is probably the most effective way to avoid the grey world that surrounds us and, at the same time, to reach the deepest part of our hearts in order to express them and make them beat with strength fed by all kinds of emotions.

This last phenomenon is not a particularly common occurrence, and it is possible to consider as beautiful anomalies all the occasions in which, without any kind of aggressiveness or tearful excesses, a feature film gradually penetrates to the depths of the audience’s soul in order to twist it with care and transport the stalls to an infinitely warmer place than the one that waits outside the cinema once the projection is over.

A great sequel

Paddington’s first film adventure surprised us in 2014 and raised us as one of these necessary singularities thanks to his fantastic exercise in family cinema, brilliant and sweet as jam. Three years later, the plant-grader who debuted on paper in 1958 returns to steal our sighs in this’ Paddington 2′: a new waste of charm, sensibility and good work of the original which, once again under the baton of Paul King, becomes by his own merits one of the best films of 2017.

Paddington 2′ transcends its apparent nature as a children’s cinema to embrace younger spectators – who will enjoy the adventures and sympathy of the hairy protagonist – and to treat with special deference an adult sector that will appreciate with greater perspective the virtues of the captivating story, both at a thematic level and in the strictly cinematographic.

Have fun with this bear!

In this way, between edifying messages and a humor with several layers of reading suitable for all ages, those who are older will find an outstanding film brimming with cinephilia -impressive in its multiple winks at comedy pioneers in the medium such as Chaplin, Keaton or Laurel and Hardy- and with a formal treatment that can only be described as “dreamlike”.

Beyond the tenderness inherent in the tone of the film and its characters, it is King’s marvellous visual gamble that ends up putting the cherry on this delicious cake that is’ Paddington 2′. The colourful London in which the action takes place comes to life as an extension of the pop-up book on which the story pivots, touring the different stages displaying techniques that make us think of the spirit of a contemporary George Mélies; all this seasoned with an impeccable narrative and a cast dedicated to the cause led by a Hugh Grant unleashed.

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